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Customer Setup Turn Time

MOL calculates the actual work time spent on customer setup. The measure is based on the time beginning from when the customer is informed that it will be scheduled to when it is completed.

MOL Target: Complete 100% of customer setups within 48 hours.

MOL Action Plan:
2017 Results. MOL has consistently met the target to complete 100% of customer setups within 48 hours through the first seven months of 2017.

2016 Results. In January 2016 through December 2016 we completed 100% of customer setups within 48 hours.

2015 Results. In January 2015, the target was modified because MOL had consistently met the previous target of completing setups within 72 hours. MOL had consistently achieved an average of 48 hours for these setups. Therefore, a new target was established to complete 100% of setups within 48 hours. For each month of 2015 (January - December), we met the target with a result of 100%.

Customer Setup Turn Time Customer Setup Turn Time Overview

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